Everyone loves a great series! It will sound a little nerd, but there’s nothing better than your favorite series + popcorn + rainy day + a blanket + a weekend.

So take a seat because we’ve prepared a list of 6 incredible series that every single person in this world should watch. Go check it out!


The newest Netflix’s sweetheart  tells the history of eight ambicious robbers that, under the instructions of a misterious man called The Professor, have the plan of robbing more than 2 billions of euros from the Royal Mint of Spain, making this event become the biggest heist ever. The series already has two seasons and the third one will premiere on 2019.


The first season of Stranger Things was premiered in 2016 on Netflix and, since then, this series has gained so many fans all around the world. The history happens in the 80’s, in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana (USA), where the 4 best friends Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will live with their families. After Will’s vanishing, not only the boy’s friends, but also his family, believe that there are a huge mistery behind Will’s disappearance and that a weird laboratory placed in Hawkings is involved. Stranger Things third season will premiere in 2019.


The series has premiered on 2016 and already has two seasons. It tells the history about the Pearson’s family. It all starts when Jack and Rebecca Pearson figure out that they will be parents to triplets. Rebecca is having a healthy pregnancy, but her water breaks  6 weeks before the day that the doctor said the kids should born. During the delivery process, Rebecca has complications and one of the triplets does not survive. In the same day, a baby, who is also a newborn and was abandoned by its parents, is taken to the same hospital as the Pearsons. Besides the fact that Jack and Rebecca had been through the traumatic experience of losing a kid, they decide to adopt the abandoned baby that showed up at the hospital that day. The series shows all the events that happened in Rebecca’s and Jack’s three kids during their childhood, their youth and also their adult life in the present. This Is Us talks about important subjects, like adoption, racism, family issues, eating disorders, etc.


The science fiction series brings critics about the society in it’s general and the modern world, sometimes it is just like a punch in the stomach.  The episodes are not connected (each one tells a different history) and it contests all the things we truly believe, shows some crazy technological progress and so many other things that could be considered nonsense. The series was produced on the United Kingdom and, at first, it was only exhibited there, but, in 2015, it was bought by Netflix and distributed all around the world. This year, Netflix confirmed that Black Mirror will have a fifth season.


The series was created in 2016 and tells the history about Queen Elizabeth II reign in the UK, since her wedding, that happened in 1947, until today. The production was acclaimed by the critics in so many aspects, but the compliments are mostly about the historical accuracy in relation to the events that happened during Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Besides, The Crown is the most expensive drama series that was ever made by Netflix and the first one to be produced in the UK.


A classic one! Every single series lover that hasn’t fell in love with Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler yet, will fall someday. The American sitcom was filmed during the years of 1994 to 2004 and it has 10 seasons. The series tells the history of six friends, who live in New York, and while they are trying to succeed in life, they share with each other their adventures and troubles. Jokes about the daily life and a classic humor make Friends become an unforgettable series.

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